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To say this week has been a disappointment is probably not far from the truth. To start with I have not lost any weight. The answer is that I have really not tried hard enough. After all one doesn’t get calories from thin air! So the snacking has to stop. Someone hide the biscuits please.

In terms of cycling I have managed to get two rides in – an 18 miler in hilly Charnwood on a windy day when the going was rough and an indoor session on the Wattbike. In addition to this I managed to do a short run of about a mile around the block. I have not done any serious running for over a year and I really need to take this up to improve my overall fitness.

I have also started re-reading a book by Andrew Sykes, ‘Crossing Europe on a bike called Reggie’. Andrew has been a big inspiration to me. In fact reading his regular blogs when he cycled from Reading near London to the foot of Italy, and this year when he cycled along the Mediterranean, have been a massive factor in my taking this challenge on. The big difference of course is that he is half my age!

I currently ride an entry level Trek road bike. This is my first proper road bike with drop handle bars and so far I have been very pleased with it, even though it is several years old. It has taken me over the South Downs, Peak District in Derbyshire and all the way to Skegness on the east coast and back, not to mention to numerous places in Leicestershire and Rutland. It has been in several escapades with me and has been a partner in several painful falls. At this stage I am not sure that I will be getting a new bike for the challenges ahead. I have certainly not mentioned this to Trekkie as I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings and he still has to carry me far!

Next week I shall have to up my training a tiny notch further. Quite how I am going to do this is going to be difficult as I have a small matter of two pre-Christmas parties coming up. One thing I am absolutely determined of is that this will be last time I will struggle to get into my suit!

This week I shall also try and publicise my blog a bit more. For those following me a very big thank you and once again a link to my donations page:http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=Hopesitalianjob&isTeam=true

Finishing this year's Ride London Surrey 100

Me and Trekkie – Finishing this year’s Ride London Surrey 100