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Following on from my injury when I fell onto my left hip 10 days ago, I have an interesting update. Importantly the injury has not prevented me from continuing to cycle as you will see further on.

At the site of the injury I developed an almighty swelling which is a haematoma (collection of blood). I wasn’t too worried about it as I knew with time it would settle, and it is slightly smaller than when it first appeared. I have been very tempted to take a picture and post it here but modesty prevents me!

Unfortunately over the last 4 days I developed a pain in my inside upper thigh. Initially I thought it may be just the inguinal ligament having been overstretched and I was putting ice packs on the tender area, but the pain gradually got worse resulting in a noticeable limp. Today it got so bad that after a session on my bike I went to see my friend Rob a physiotherapist in Loughborough.

After a thorough examination Rob found the reason for my pain. As a result of the damage to my gluteus medialis muscle and the pressure from the overlying massive haematoma the muscle has weakened and lost its ability to fix the hip joint when walking. As a result the inner thigh muscles and the sartorius muscle are trying to compensate for the over rotation at the hip, resulting in pain on walking. Simples! Rob has given me some stretching exercises to do which involve pelvic thrusts. He has also advised that I apply heat to the haematoma that will help it to disperse. He thinks that within a week the pain should begin to ease up! Lets hope there is something positive to report next week. In the meantime if anyone sees me doing pelvic thrusts in public don’t think I have gone bonkers – I will be doing them for a good cause!

As I said I have continued to ride my bike. In fact last Sunday had a fantastic 68 mile ride starting from the Cropston Reservoir, going past Mount Saint Bernard’s Abbey, Calke Abbey, and swinging westwards and southwards to Market Bosworth and back to Cropston via Desford, Groby and Anstey. The ride went through some of the most scenic parts of Leicestershire and through small country lanes with verges bedecked in daffodils. It was a beautiful and sunny day – just the appropriate setting to pay homage to King Richard III.

During the ride I got to know Mark, a fellow rider, quite well and felt humbled and inspired by his efforts. This is his story as written on his virgin giving page:

“Thank you so much for sponsoring me with my amazing challenge.

Cancer has cast a dark shadow through my life, in 2010 suffered from throat cancer, having 6 Chemo and 36 Radio-therapies.

I recovered thanks to the excellent treatment I received, much of these proven techniques developed through the fantastic research funded by charities like Hope Against Cancer. I owe my life to these improvements in cancer treatment.

Recently I lost my dear Mother, Peggy, to Stomach and Lung Cancer. This challenging cycle ride is in her memory and to fund the research to help more survive this terrible disease.

Your very kind sponsorship, will make all the difference to the lives of many! I will not let you down.

This is for you Mum.”

The next big ride is in just over three weeks’ time in Rutland and is 75 miles and quite hilly – good training for the Alpine Challenge. Between now and then it is back to Charnwood. My followers in Leicestershire know what I mean when I say that the Leicestershire countryside, especially Charnwood is one of the prettiest places in England. Others, not familiar with our county, could do well to pay us a visit to discover how beautiful and varied it is.

My fund raising is progressing well in the community. I will not be in a position to thank everyone individually until I get the sheets back but please be assured that I am amazed and humbled by the amount of support I have. Thanks to everyone. My online link is http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/Hopesitalianjob For other ways to donate please see last week’s post