A very sensible approach to weight loss. I wholeheartedly recommend this post to all my followers….

All About Healthy Choices

  • Brand New Ending“I just need to find the latest diet to jumpstart my path to successful weight loss.”
  • “Eating a plant based organic diet will reduce body weight.”
  • “High protein diets have helped me lose weight in the past.”
  • “The Mediterranean diet is a healthy plan for weight loss.”

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Many have spoken these phrases and many have accomplished weight loss.


You would think that losing the weight would be the most difficult part of the task. It’s not! I am not minimizing how difficult it is to lose weight. Weight control requires as much energy and focus as ANY FULL TIME JOB. I place weight loss in the same category as earning a million dollars; everyone would like to possess it, but what are people really willing to do to make it a reality? There are a multitude of reasons for weight…

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