If you have been diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes then you would benefit a lot from this post. It is more than just diet and exercise.

All About Healthy Choices

29 million people have type 2 diabetes in the United States. This accounts for 9.3% of the population according to the Centers for Disease Control. There appears to be reams of information on the disease, yet it is anticipated that by 2034 over 44 million Americans will be diagnosed as type 2 diabetics. (reference: American Diabetes Association: Diabetes Care;  Projecting the Future Diabetes Population Size and Related Costs for the U.S. Elbert S. Huang, MD, MPH, Anirban Basu, PHD, Michael O’Grady, PHD and James C. Capretta, MA)

Why is this just another disease we are failing to cure?

Understanding all the various factors contributing to the causes of type 2 diabetes is complicated.  I have listed four factors most commonly discussed. The first three factors deal with the individual; the fourth is classified an external factor more likely compounding the issue rather than being causal:

  • genetic
  • lifestyle
  • complication resulting from other…

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