Having been silent for a very long time for which there are many reasons, today I reblog a very good piece by my friend Andrew Sykes. Andrew was one of the people who inspired me to take up my challenge in the Alps and I have a huge amount of respect for him. Please read his piece carefully and particularly explore the links to the Infacts and the Guardian articles. I hope to write my own piece as well but I doubt if I’ll be able to improve on this.


C8aZQLtRIf you follow this blog via Twitter or Facebook I should perhaps start with an apology that over recent weeks, the tweets and posts about cycling and travelling have been far outnumbered by those on the subject of the EU referendum next week. It’s a hollow apology however as I think the importance of the vote on June 23rd far outweighs most other things in 2016. It will come as no surprise that next week I will be voting for Britain to remain in the EU.

For much of my life I have had the opportunity to travel widely across the European continent, meet countless other Europeans and have even lived and worked in another EU country. That’s all very nice but it’s not the main reason why I am so supportive of the EU. Last year I had the opportunity to cycle from Tarifa in the Spain to Nordkapp in…

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